L'Atelier Bar à Viande & Poisson


L’Atelier restaurant comes from a deep passion for food and for people.
But most of all, the creation of the restaurant was meant to recreate the spirit of family reunion around a great table with simple, but fine and well-cooked meals, in a cozy atmosphere.

Our team share the love of cooking and offering great & friendly service!
We want you to enjoy our cuisine, our cocktails, our vibes.
And we work hard to ensure that every single guest spends a delightful moment with us.

Have a seat and enjoy some Great meat
The concept behind the restaurant is simple: offer the best meat available in the market, prepared in the most natural way, without sacrificing taste.
Our meat Comes from special farms for
First class quality we use fresh wholesome ingredients in every dish.
From hormone-free meat to organic veggies, we ensure that each bite is as healthy and flavorful as humanly possibly.

Le restaurant L’Atelier est né d’une profonde passion pour la nourriture et pour les gens.
Mais surtout, la création du restaurant visait à recréer l’esprit des retrouvailles familiales autour d’une grande table avec des repas simples mais fins et bien cuisinés, dans une ambiance cosy.

Notre équipe partage l’amour de la cuisine et offre un service excellent et amical !
Nous voulons que vous appréciiez notre cuisine, nos cocktails, nos vibrations.
Et nous travaillons dur pour nous assurer que chaque invité passe un moment agréable avec nous.


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